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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcyclist Insurance

Motorcycles are high-risk vehicles. They are relatively easy to steal, and don’t have protection devices like seat belts or air bags. It’s also hard for other motorist to see motorcycles on the road. All of these events make it a good idea for motorcyclists to have motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance offers financial compensation to a motorcyclist involved in an accident. It also helps in the event the motorcycle is stolen or damaged. The liability coverage is beneficial as well.

The amount of insurance needed depends on the type of motorcycle and its use. Fast bikes will have higher insurance costs than slower heavier bikes. And bikes used primarily for racing will need higher levels of liability insurance than bikes used sparingly.

You can get coverage for:

• Custom motorcycles and choppers

• Classic motorcycles

• Dirt, street and sport bikes

• Scooters and mopeds

Coverage for motorcycles works the same way as car insurance. In other words, it protects the rider from financial loss. After the deductible is paid, motorcycle coverage can pay the cost to replace or repair the motorcycle, help pay medical or hospital costs for the injured rider and cover some of the legal costs in a liability suit.