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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance Information

Sustaining an injury that keeps you from working can be financially devastating. Your medical insurance will help pay all or most of your medical bills, but it won’t pay anything else. You’ll still have to worry about paying bills and buying food. Even if you get temporary disability, that might not be enough. That is when accident insurance can help your situation.

What is Accident Insurance?

This is a policy that pays you if you are injured and become unable to work. It provides financial assistance beyond your health insurance coverage. You can contact an insurance agency and ask about accident insurance. However, you might also get a policy as part of a voluntary benefits package. By getting a policy through work, you can get lower rates.

Who Needs this Policy?

Anyone can get a policy, but it’s most important for people who have dangerous jobs. It’s also a good idea for people who don’t receive paid leave or are self employed.

The policy only pays benefits if you sustain an injury that is covered by the policy. If you sustain an injury, then make a claim with your insurance company so they can evaluate the claim. What you qualify for depends on which type of accidents your policy covers.


The main benefit of accident insurance is the reimbursement above and beyond your medical insurance. It’s also beneficial that you can use the money to pay for whatever you want.